Younas Dadmohammadi

younas dadmohammadi

Education: Younas has been trained as a multidisciplinary chemical engineer through BS in Process Engineering, MS in Thermokinetics, Ph.D. in Molecular Thermodynamics, and a couple of postdoctoral training in energy and food science
Research background: Younas’ core interest is multiscale modeling backboned by extensive characterization measurements targeting challenges associated with Sustainable Food-Water-Energy-Environment Nexus. Over the past decade, Younas has been working as a researcher at different universities, such as Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Cornell University, and the University of Oklahoma on cross-disciplinary sustainability projects supported by government agencies and private companies. Along with research experiences, Younas has experienced more than 7 years as a lecturer and teaching assistant through involving in teaching and mentoring undergraduate students at different universities such as John Hopkins and Cornell Universities.
Current research: In the Abbaspourrad lab, Younas has been involving in several projects relating to food engineering, chemistry, and safety. Followings are highlights of his contributions:

  • Use quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) technique to measure the real-time nano- and micro-scale interactions between different molecules and various surfaces with a great application to drug delivery, food ingredients, vitamin encapsulation, and surface characterization
  • Develop viscoelastic models to characterize the real-time adsorption/desorption phenomenon
  • Propose new process technique such pulsed electric field (PEF) to minimize the energy and water consumption and food loss in food production facilities
  • Develop a multiscale model to correlate the microscopic and macroscopic properties of food materials to make the food quality and safety more controllable and predictable